Retail Accounting Solutions

Integration of Accounting & POS Systems



Retail stores have as a rule very sophisticated software managing their point-of-sale (POS) operations. These POS terminals process the end-of-day cash-up and then this sales information must be either manually entered or, at best, rudimentarily imported to the back-office accounting software. These environments demand, and are begging for, an integrated POS and back-office accounting solution.

When You Need It?

  • Is POS sales information taking days or weeks to be captured to the back-office accounting system?
  • Is daily sales information not readily available, delaying your sales analysis, leading to stock-outs?
  • Are your competitors able to be more proactive, reacting more quickly to market forces?
  • Is managing your suppliers’ payments, reconciling their statements to your invoices time consuming?
  • Are you over-paying your suppliers?
  • Are your gross-margins under threat?

What We Deliver?

  • Our back-office accounting solutions interface and integrate to your POS software.
  • POS transactions are imported at a click-of-button via our of B2B software, an integral module of the back-office accounting solution.
  • For those suppliers you are having to reconcile lengthy statements, our Supplier Recon Manager will import your supplier’s statement and auto-reconcile to your accounting supplier invoices (even going as far as auto-allocating the invoices to cash-book payment).
  • The Business Intelligence Reporting module permits you to ‘dive & mine’ your sales information daily, extracting business intelligence so you can pro-act quickly to market and stock changes.
  • Our Business Alerts module empowers your back-office team to react quickly to alerts relates to the pulse of your business.

How It Benefits You?

  • Reduced time-frame and improved accuracy in data exchange between POS and back-office system.
  • Streamlines your computing operations, offering a fully integrated POS and back-office solution.
  • Improves and empowers your daily / weekly decision making, preventing or reducing lost sales.
  • Provides you with the tools to extract business intelligence reporting.
  • Improvement of your current infrastructure.
  • Increased flexibility and agility of your retail operations.
  • With modern technology offering you a clear roadmap ensuring your retail solutions stay current.
  • Access to years of experience in the retail back-office integration.

What Makes Us Unique?

  • Proven record in retail back-office & POS integrated software solutions.
  • We can draw from experience in working with prestige clients such as: the Spar Group, the Liquor City group, and many more…